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About Realty Right

Realty Right Texas is located in Houston Texas and services the Houston Metropolitan area. It is managed by Real Estate Broker Guillermo Coronado. Mr Coronado and his agents have a combined real estate experience of over 50 years. The Commission structure allows his agents to focus more on the customer and spend more marketing dollars on the property .

At Realty Right its customer first at all times. It shows in the diversity of Real Estate expertise in its agents as they continue to educate themselves with the changing times.

Good example was when the market went bust .. Realty Right was and is the highest volume Short Sales firm in the Houston area.

Working with a lot of Short Sales Realty Right has learned how to be very creative in marketing in order to sell clients’ homes quickly. We enjoys the challenge of being a Seller’s Agent and helping those in need when it comes to dealing with the Short Sale industry.

Many consumers come saying simply that the agency they signed with “seems to have just forgotten about them” and he can’t understand how you could ever treat a client that way. Realty Right prides itself in making sure the firm deals with clients in a personal and attentive way. .

Do It Right The First Time

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